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South Florida Restaurants Keep Getting Hotter

There is nothing better than the warm South Florida sun. However, the heat can become too intense and customers may become uncomfortable. There are many ways you can ensure your restaurant keeps customers cool and happy.

south florida restaurants

Here are some ways to improve your customers’ outdoor experience:

Misting fans – There is nothing more exciting than dining at a restaurant with a mist fan. The water sprays you delicately with fresh cool liquid air. We recommend installing misting fans throughout the outdoor dining area.

Iced drinks – Offer an assortment of iced drinks on your menu. There is nothing more refreshing than having an ice cold drink during South Florida’s hot summer months.

Patio covers – Guests prefer dining outside when there are patio covers. Guests will enjoy sitting outside under an awning without the sun bearing down on them.

Umbrellas – Personal umbrellas at each table will shade guests from direct sunlight while dining outdoors. Your guests will appreciate the cool shade these umbrellas offer.

Water refills – Make sure your waiters are regularly refilling your customers’ water glasses. Customers are quick to finish their water during the hot summer months, and they will dread having to wait for refills.

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The Importance of Quality Linen Services for Restaurants

For many industries, linen products have become a staple. For instance, towel and bed linens are a requirement for hotels. Guests who do not receive linens may assume that the establishment is unqualified to run in the hospitality industry. Linen services for restaurants are also important. The employees may express dissatisfaction without proper kitchen wear or towels. It goes without saying that there is a high demand for linens for many businesses through all kinds of industries.

linen services for restaurants

Restaurants generate an advantage when they have fresh linens. Having a quality linen service helps restaurants provide a quality appearance for their customers. Not only does it help appearances, but it improves efficiency and function for many restaurants and fine dining establishments. By investing in high-quality and fresh linens, your restaurant’s ambiance will grow. Your business will look and feel more exquisite to your customers. Tablecloths and napkins can turn a small shack into a neat and pristine dining experience.

In addition to the restaurant having a polished appearance, by equipping your restaurant’s waiters and hosts with quality uniforms, they can portray and provide a higher form of professionalism and quality service for your business. By providing your employees with fresh linen and restaurant apparel, you are not only providing them with a quality appearance, you are also keeping them safe from splashes from grease and sprays. Floor mats in restaurants will also keep employees and guests safe, by making sure that your business has a safe and anti-slip environment.


Gold Coast Provides Quality Linen Services for Restaurants

Gold Coast Linen Services provides high-quality linen services when you need them. We make sure that our products are of the utmost quality, and we make sure to wash them thoroughly. The high-quality material provides a durability through the washes. Contact us today by calling us at (561) 832-3841 for our West Palm Beach servicing and at (954) 785-7202 for our servicing in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Top 2016 Holiday Events in South Florida

Although South Floridians don’t experience any snowfall during the Winter, we have a whole lot of holiday joy. There are a number of holiday events in South Florida during the months of November and December. It is impossible to attend them all, so we outlined (below) some of the most popular events to attend.

holiday events in south florida

  • Santa’s Enchanted Forest – If you like carnivals, this is the biggest carnival in South Florida during the holiday season. Take a trip over to Miami and enjoy rides, carnival food, and beautiful Christmas lights.
  • iHeart Radio Jingle Ball – iHeart Radio’s Jingle Ball is a concert with a variety of artists touring across the country. On December 18, a myriad of famous artists will visit the BB&T Center in Sunrise, FL.
  • Art Basel Miami Beach – Although this event is not in celebration of the holidays, Art Basel is an annual contemporary and modern art fair that should not be disregarded. It typically starts during the first week or two of December.
  • Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat Parade – On December 10th starting at 7pm, the Winterfest Boat Parade stages along the New River. The Boat Parade travels towards the Fort Lauderdale’s Intracoastal waterways and Pompano Beach’s Lake Santa Barbara.
  • Annual Key West Holiday Fest & New Year’s celebration – Key West is always a good time, and in December Key West has parades happening every other day. These parades lead up to the grand New Year celebration on New Year’s Eve.
  • Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival – During December 8-11, Palm Beach offers a collection of events where individuals can sample foods from a variety of well-known chefs, in a 3D experience.


Gold Coast Wishes You a Happy Holiday Season

There are many holiday events stretching from Palm Beach County to Miami. Stay safe and we wish you some happy holidays from Gold Coast Linen!

How To Make Your Restaurant Instagram Worthy

There is a high importance in marketing in business. Through social media marketing, you are able to advertise your business, getting your company name out there. Through this, you are guaranteed to receive a higher amount of customers. One social media program which is becoming popular in the restaurant community is Instagram. By posting photos on this site, restaurants gain popularity within the community. Create a restaurant Instagram and follow some of our tips below to grow your restaurant with your online presence.

restaurant instagram worthy

Here are some ways to help your business thrive on Instagram. Gain followers and help your business achieve more customers through this marketing platform:

  • Be consistent – Post on a weekly, biweekly, or daily basis. By being consistent and frequently maintaining your Instagram, you will gain more followers. Followers like when the Instagram accounts they follow maintain a regular amount of posts.
  • Decorate and stage your dishes – Dishes will seem more appealing to followers if you take a few minutes to plan the posts in a way that is representative of your business. Facilitate your job and appear “Instagram friendly” by staging the dish before photographing. This eliminates the necessity to edit the photograph to much. Treat your dishes like they are works of art. This way they will appear more appetizing to eye, hopefully enticing your audience to take action and visit your restaurant.
  • Repost your customers’ photos – When customers visit your restaurant, they may post your dishes on their personal accounts. It is up to you to ask them for permission to repost their photos. After this, you can post them on your own Instagram page, sharing photos from the customer’s perspectives. In addition, tell your customers to use a #hashtag!
  • Make sure there is a geotag for the business. This way, customers that visit and post photos of the restaurant can tag your business location as well.
  • Decorate the restaurant in order for customers to take photos of the scenery as well as the food. Placing fun signs, props, and background designs can be some good ways to decorate your business.


Use Gold Coast Linen Service and Improve Your Restaurant Instagram

Gold Coast Linen is here for you and your restaurant needs. Give us a call today and we will provide you with our quality linen service!

How Your Restaurant Can Prepare for the Holidays

October is the month of Halloween, and also the starting month for the holidays. November is the month of Thanksgiving, followed by the winter holidays in December. Therefore, it is time to start thinking on how you can spice up your restaurant in order to prepare for the holidays.

prepare for the holidays decoration

  • Decorate your business with festive lighting and decorations.
  • Supply your restaurant with colorful napkins and learn new napkin folding techniques.
  • Offer special holiday dishes and specials. Also, certain types of promotions may draw in a larger number of customers who are excited for holiday savings.
  • Equip your employees with different garments, such as uniforms in different colors based on the holidays.
  • Your employees can also wear fun accessories. Chefs and waiters can wear costume hats in October, and Santa or elf hats during December. Customization is possible with any type of uniform!
  • Hanging bells on the entrance door and having custom welcome floor mats will invite guests into your restaurant. If you are feeling especially daring, you can hang a mistletoe over random tables in the dining area.
  • Decorating the entrance with fake snow or ice sculptures is a fun way to bring winter fun into the business!
  • Create a playlist of holiday songs to play in the restaurant during business hours to entertain customers.


Prepare for the Holidays with Gold Coast

Contact Gold Coast Linen Services for a quote on our high-quality linen for your restaurant today! We provide a variety of tablecloths, towels, uniforms, napkins, and floor mats for your restaurant. Our selection offers a variety of colors and sizes, perfect for the holidays.

Give us a call today at (561) 832-3841 in the West Palm Beach region, or at (954) 785-7202 for Fort Lauderdale service. We will make sure to assist you in the best way possible. You won’t regret signing up with us.

Maneuvering through South Florida Traffic

It is well-known that South Florida has some of the most dangerous drivers. Our high insurance rates can attest to the fact that there are accidents all the time, which lead to some serious traffic. Therefore, if you are a tourist or Florida native, here are some tips and tricks for getting around without yanking at your hair.


  • Carpool- Carpooling has many benefits. When sharing a car with someone you are saving the environment as well as money for gas and parking. Also, many South Florida highways have a carpool-only lanes, which are beneficial in getting to locations faster.
  • Sunpass- When it comes to a Sunpass, it is a Floridian’s prized-possession. There are many express lanes, and even airport parking, which only take Sunpass as the form of payment. These will help you get through tolls faster as well and paying less than Bill-to-Plate features or Cash-Only tolls.
  • Avoid Rush Hour- If possible, avoid these pesky hours of the day where everyone is busy either commuting to or from work. The hours are usually between 7-9am and in the afternoon they can start as early as 2pm till 6pm.
  • Public Parking- When visiting tourist places such as South Beach in Miami, parking can be a hassle. We recommend parking in public locations such as public lots and meters. These can be cheaper than private lots, where some places it is just under $1 per hour, while in private lots it starts at a $20 flat rate.
  • GPS System- There are some GPS systems, such as Google Maps, which will provide traffic information for you based on where you are headed and provide you with the fastest way of getting there. This is extremely handy due to random traffic jams that can occur due to the heavy amount of accidents that happen in South Florida.

Gold Coast understands that the traffic in South Florida is something extremely stressful. This is why we provide a linen service that is the complete opposite. You can relax and be at ease knowing that your linen is taken care of by our trusted professionals. Visit our site here for a price quote on a quality service that will take the stress out of your life for good.

10 Fun Facts About Our Very Own Sunshine State!

State of Florida with Miami Pushpin

1.  Florida has the longest coastline in the US and is the only state that borders both the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Atlantic Ocean!

2.  It is the largest producer of oranges in the entire US.

3.  It is illegal for doors that face outside open inwards due to the hurricane season.

4.  Key West has the highest average temperature of any place in the US.

5.  Florida has the most golf courses of any state.

6.  Ft. Lauderdale aka “Venice of America” received this nickname due to the 150+ miles of waterways.

7.  Key Largo is known as the Dive Capital of the World.

8.  No matter where you are located within the state you are never more than 60 miles from the beach.

9.  Florida is the only place on the planet where alligators and crocodiles live in the same habitat.

10.  Florida is not the southernmost state.  Hawaii is.

Summer Bucket List in South Florida

Summer in South FloridaFor the typical South Floridian, spending a summer in South Florida seems like an ordinary, typical day. However, if you are on a tight budget or cannot afford to miss work for a trip to a foreign country or another state this summer, here are some fun activities anyone of all ages can take part in in the Sunshine State!

  • Jet Skiing or Parasailing- Are you tired of taking trips to the beach and soon after realizing that there is nothing to do besides lay in the messy sand or swim in murky waters with creatures roaming around your body? Spice things up by renting a jet ski for the day or para-sail, your weekend will be fun for sure.
  • Fashion Show In Miami- Miami is a popular place for lovers of high-end items. Therefore, this city is almost always hosting several fashion shows in many places either in South Beach or downtown Miami. Visiting one of these fashion shows is a must-do for the fashionista in you.
  • Trip To Orlando- Orlando is a fun place to visit over the weekend. The hottest spots are the theme parks, like one of the parks in Disney or checking out Universal/Islands of Adventure. Let the child inside of you come out as you have a blast and enjoy your Florida Resident discount!
  • Visit A Zoo- South Florida has many zoos and animal centers that range from ocean animals and land animals. Bring your kids, friends, or significant other with you and enjoy a day with wildlife.
  • Give Back To The Community- It doesn’t matter if you are a young college student or a retired senior, giving back to the community is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. South Florida is filled with many opportunities for volunteer work; you can clean up the beach, feed the homeless, or play with furry pets in the animal shelter.
  • Visit A Casino or Bingo Tournament- Want an exciting weekend? Take a chance and visit the casino or your local bingo hall and let the risk-taker inside of you come out.
  • Go On A Dinner Date- Whether you’re single or married, young or old, there is nothing more romantic than going on a dinner date in one of South Florida’s finest restaurants. Treat your spouse or new flavor of the week to a dinner by the ocean and enjoy the wonderful place you live in.
  • Sunday Brunch- Finish your weekend, getting ready for the new start of the week, by grabbing brunch at a nice restaurant in the middle of your Sunday.

If you are a business owner in the South Florida area and looking for linen for your restaurant or cafe, give us a ring at (954) 785-7202 or (561) 832-3841.

Restaurant 101 – Keep Your Restaurant Kitchen Linens Clean & Germ Free

Keep Your Restaurant Linens and Towels Clean

It’s not about what you see, but what you don’t see that can really put your restaurant and its’ customers at risk. The truly dirty items that you should worry about in your restaurants are not just the mud traces on the floor and the wine stains on the bartender’s apron. The most alarming are invisible to the naked eye: germs.  While it’s pretty much impossible to get rid of germs altogether – it is important to keep harmful ones at a minimum.

The Dirtiest Items in your Restaurant – Some May Surprise You!

In a recent study conducted by an ABC News correspondent, they have found some of the most germ-infested items in the restaurant to include the following:

  • Salad Bar tongs
  • Ketchup bottles
  • Bathroom faucets and door knobs
  • Rims of glasses
  • Tables
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Menus

How about the items in your kitchen where food is prepared? Other than our pots, pans, and cutlery you’ll be surprised to know that the very things we use to keep our kitchens tidy may very well be the culprit in spreading more germs!

  • Countertops and Sinks. Even your stainless steel counters and sinks can house germs and bacteria. While stainless is still your better germ-resistant option, you still need to make sure that traces of raw meat, blood, and other raw produce are cleaned immediately.
  • Floors. Just because it does not touch the food – directly – does not mean that you can neglect your kitchen floors. Those little drops of blood, freezer water, and whatever stuck to the bottom of the staff’s shoes track germs throughout.  The slightest dampness is an invitation for bacteria to breed.  A Floor Mat Service can also assist in preventing tracked in dirt, water and germs from even entering your business!
  • Sponges, Mops and Towels. What you use to clean is just as important if not more than actual cleaning. Your bar towels, dish towels, and other similar linens should be handled by a professional linen service like ours to ensure they are sanitized and clean.  The same can be said about your mops and mop buckets.

To maintain the quality and cleanliness of your towels and other restaurant linens contact us at Gold Coast!  We have a quality linen service program that can be custom tailored to your restaurant and its’ needs. Our facilities practice the highest standards in hygiene, and we have a strict policy on on-time deliveries.  This ensures that your restaurant will never run short on quality towels and linens.


Are Colorful Uniforms A Good Choice For Your Restaurant?

In this day and age where technology seemingly makes everything possible, many people have been tweaking traditions and starting new ones. This is especially true with chef’s uniforms. The traditionalists may disagree and want to stick with traditional white attire, but many of today’s trendsetters are bravely venturing towards a more colorful change with their uniform choices.

Like most new trends there is always a question whether or not it suits you and your business. If you’re considering going for a color change on your staff’s uniforms, here are some things that you may want to consider:

  • Fine Dining:  Some eateries are fashioned to look traditional, others more modern. Most traditional restaurants – the fine-dining, formal-wearing kind – may not look good with colored uniforms.
  • Choosing the Right Color Scheme: Many restaurant owners who go for colored uniforms want them to match their company logo and marketing materials. Make sure the colors you choose are ones that match your brand.
  • Maintenance: If you’re looking for something low maintenance, neutral colors are the best choice; if you’re looking for easy to find and affordability traditional white is the way to go.

At the end of the day, the decision is yours; however, your most practical choice would always be what works best for your business – in form, convenience, and more importantly costs.

No matter what type of restaurant uniform your business require, we are here to help!  At Gold Coast – we offer a wide variety of chef’s uniforms – from crisp, stark whites and also vibrant hues that are sure to match your restaurant’s look while providing the same comfort and protection to the employee.

Colorful restaurant wear

We don’t only offer the highest quality linens and chef’s uniforms; we also offer services that are top of the line and unmatched by anyone else in the industry. We provide 24/7 access for service requests and quotes,  pride ourselves in our on-time regular pick-up and delivery and impressive cost-control reporting that makes sure you know exactly what you’re paying for – nothing more, nothing less, no surprises.

Give your restaurant the linen and uniform service it deserves – Contact Us  for a free no obligation quote – (561) 832-3841.