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South Florida Restaurants Keep Getting Hotter

There is nothing better than the warm South Florida sun. However, the heat can become too intense and customers may become uncomfortable. There are many ways you can ensure your restaurant keeps customers cool and happy.

south florida restaurants

Here are some ways to improve your customers’ outdoor experience:

Misting fans – There is nothing more exciting than dining at a restaurant with a mist fan. The water sprays you delicately with fresh cool liquid air. We recommend installing misting fans throughout the outdoor dining area.

Iced drinks – Offer an assortment of iced drinks on your menu. There is nothing more refreshing than having an ice cold drink during South Florida’s hot summer months.

Patio covers – Guests prefer dining outside when there are patio covers. Guests will enjoy sitting outside under an awning without the sun bearing down on them.

Umbrellas – Personal umbrellas at each table will shade guests from direct sunlight while dining outdoors. Your guests will appreciate the cool shade these umbrellas offer.

Water refills – Make sure your waiters are regularly refilling your customers’ water glasses. Customers are quick to finish their water during the hot summer months, and they will dread having to wait for refills.

If your restaurant is missing out on a quality linen service, do not hesitate to contact us at Gold Coast. We will provide you with a high-grade linen service at an affordable cost. We make sure to provide high-quality service in the tri-county area. For your convenience, provide service for businesses from Vero Beach to the Florida Keys.  Contact us today (561) 832-3841!

Top 2016 Holiday Events in South Florida

Although South Floridians don’t experience any snowfall during the Winter, we have a whole lot of holiday joy. There are a number of holiday events in South Florida during the months of November and December. It is impossible to attend them all, so we outlined (below) some of the most popular events to attend.

holiday events in south florida

  • Santa’s Enchanted Forest – If you like carnivals, this is the biggest carnival in South Florida during the holiday season. Take a trip over to Miami and enjoy rides, carnival food, and beautiful Christmas lights.
  • iHeart Radio Jingle Ball – iHeart Radio’s Jingle Ball is a concert with a variety of artists touring across the country. On December 18, a myriad of famous artists will visit the BB&T Center in Sunrise, FL.
  • Art Basel Miami Beach – Although this event is not in celebration of the holidays, Art Basel is an annual contemporary and modern art fair that should not be disregarded. It typically starts during the first week or two of December.
  • Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat Parade – On December 10th starting at 7pm, the Winterfest Boat Parade stages along the New River. The Boat Parade travels towards the Fort Lauderdale’s Intracoastal waterways and Pompano Beach’s Lake Santa Barbara.
  • Annual Key West Holiday Fest & New Year’s celebration – Key West is always a good time, and in December Key West has parades happening every other day. These parades lead up to the grand New Year celebration on New Year’s Eve.
  • Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival – During December 8-11, Palm Beach offers a collection of events where individuals can sample foods from a variety of well-known chefs, in a 3D experience.


Gold Coast Wishes You a Happy Holiday Season

There are many holiday events stretching from Palm Beach County to Miami. Stay safe and we wish you some happy holidays from Gold Coast Linen!

A Typical Weekend In Miami


Miami locals are proud of their city and are known to maintain a certain “Miami” lifestyle. This lifestyle is centered around the exciting plans during the weekend, and here are some of the activities that Miami locals take part in during the weekend.

  • Beach – It is obvious that the beach plays a big part in South Florida traditions. Since the sunshine state is mostly always warm and sunny, the beach is the best place to go for a relaxing retreat to swim, tan, or play sports.
  • Restaurants – Miami is known for their range of cuisine from authentic Cuban restaurants to five-star sushi restaurants to steak houses galore. The prices vary, you can get a high quality upscale experience in some restaurants, or visit a more casual and affordable restaurant.
  • Nightlife – Let’s not forget the nightlife, which makes Miami seem like a city that never sleeps. After a long day at the beach, followed by restaurant dining, Miami locals do not rest. They continue making the most out of their weekend by visiting any of the bars or clubs in town, there is always somewhere to be.

Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs are always swarming with patrons in Miami, as well as other parts of South Florida. This can become overwhelming when it comes to linen and towels. Take the stress out of this aspect by renting from the best. Gold Coast Linen Linen Service is highly qualified in assisting you with all your linen, uniform, and towel needs for your place of business. Give us a call today at (954) 785-7202 to get a quote on service.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

April showers may bring May flowers up North but in sunny #SOFLO we have flowers blooming year round. This makes our area desirable not only for the people who vacation here but also those of us who live and work here too!

But enough about spring and flowers let’s get down to business. We’re here to help restaurants, cafes, sports bars, bakeries, basically any and every food business in town get the linens and uniforms they require to “make it rain!”.

If you’re not familiar with that phrase it basically means we are here to help your business be as successful as possible by providing you with the tablecloths, napkins, aprons, towels, floor mats, facility services and anything else it needs. Another part of being successful isn’t just having the items on hand it’s also utilizing them to their fullest potential.

So low and behold we have found this awesome “Napkin Folding Guide” with different folds which you can implement on your table and really get it to be noticed by your patrons.

Now it’s easy enough to just fold them in half and then half again and place them on the table but your business is going to stand out from the rest – take a few extra seconds to fold masterpieces that will leave customers in awe!

View this custom napkin folding guide here –

Maneuvering through South Florida Traffic

It is well-known that South Florida has some of the most dangerous drivers. Our high insurance rates can attest to the fact that there are accidents all the time, which lead to some serious traffic. Therefore, if you are a tourist or Florida native, here are some tips and tricks for getting around without yanking at your hair.


  • Carpool- Carpooling has many benefits. When sharing a car with someone you are saving the environment as well as money for gas and parking. Also, many South Florida highways have a carpool-only lanes, which are beneficial in getting to locations faster.
  • Sunpass- When it comes to a Sunpass, it is a Floridian’s prized-possession. There are many express lanes, and even airport parking, which only take Sunpass as the form of payment. These will help you get through tolls faster as well and paying less than Bill-to-Plate features or Cash-Only tolls.
  • Avoid Rush Hour- If possible, avoid these pesky hours of the day where everyone is busy either commuting to or from work. The hours are usually between 7-9am and in the afternoon they can start as early as 2pm till 6pm.
  • Public Parking- When visiting tourist places such as South Beach in Miami, parking can be a hassle. We recommend parking in public locations such as public lots and meters. These can be cheaper than private lots, where some places it is just under $1 per hour, while in private lots it starts at a $20 flat rate.
  • GPS System- There are some GPS systems, such as Google Maps, which will provide traffic information for you based on where you are headed and provide you with the fastest way of getting there. This is extremely handy due to random traffic jams that can occur due to the heavy amount of accidents that happen in South Florida.

Gold Coast understands that the traffic in South Florida is something extremely stressful. This is why we provide a linen service that is the complete opposite. You can relax and be at ease knowing that your linen is taken care of by our trusted professionals. Visit our site here for a price quote on a quality service that will take the stress out of your life for good.

10 Fun Facts About Our Very Own Sunshine State!

State of Florida with Miami Pushpin

1.  Florida has the longest coastline in the US and is the only state that borders both the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Atlantic Ocean!

2.  It is the largest producer of oranges in the entire US.

3.  It is illegal for doors that face outside open inwards due to the hurricane season.

4.  Key West has the highest average temperature of any place in the US.

5.  Florida has the most golf courses of any state.

6.  Ft. Lauderdale aka “Venice of America” received this nickname due to the 150+ miles of waterways.

7.  Key Largo is known as the Dive Capital of the World.

8.  No matter where you are located within the state you are never more than 60 miles from the beach.

9.  Florida is the only place on the planet where alligators and crocodiles live in the same habitat.

10.  Florida is not the southernmost state.  Hawaii is.

What Do Your Restaurant’s Uniforms And Linens Say About Your Business?

A restaurant’s decor should be a guideline in determining the kind of image their employees should portray.  A casual bar and grill may allow their employees to wear jeans and a t-shirt to work.  A fine dining establishment on the other hand should require their employees to wear a more formal uniform. Uniforms not only help elevate the staff’s level of performance, but also give the restaurant a higher value to the patrons who dine there.  Are the staff’s uniforms neatly pressed or do they look as if they just rolled out of bed? Your employees must look as sharp as their surroundings.  Establishing a relationship with every customer as if they are your only customer is a great path to a successful business, but if your staff does not look polished and professional, your restaurant will not either.

One of the first things people notice when they first walk into a restaurant is not the food!  It’s actually the restaurant’s ambiance and decor.  A restaurants decor actually pre-determines if the customer is going to have a great experience, or if it’s off to a bad start already.  Are the table linens and napkins clean and crisp looking? Offering paper napkins can misconstrue your restaurant into looking cheap!  It is proven that patrons that dine at restaurants offering linen napkins and tablecloths expect to pay more.  They also believe that the food and service will be better quality because of the attention to detail in the ambiance. High grade fabrics and fashionable linens are the first step in creating a memorable dining experience.

In addition to quality there are many other important considerations when choosing restaurant linens and uniforms.  Are the fabrics stain-resistant? Are they easy to care for and wrinkle free?  Your choice of restaurant table linens and staff uniforms should always be made with quality and value in mind. At Gold Coast, we are dedicated to assisting those working in the restaurant industry in making the best decision when choosing uniforms and linens for their restaurant or hotel business. We offer a plentiful selection of quality restaurant linens and staff uniforms that will not break the bank.  Allow us to help you create a luxurious look for your restaurant within your budget.